Griffin Masonry, Inc. was founded in May 1990 in Mint Hill, NC by brothers Scott & Tony Griffin. Griffin Masonry is a masonry contractor in the Charlotte Metro and the Raleigh/Durham area. We offer brick, block, and footings, poured in place walls, concrete flatwork & concrete pumping.


Our company has experienced steady growth during its 30 years of operation.  Beginning with just a single brick crew and a less than 30 employees, Griffin Masonry has expanded to now running 45 crews and employing more than 200 people.


Through superior customer service and quality workmanship, Griffin Masonry has become one of the leading masonry contractors in the country.


In the Charlotte market we currently offer brick, block and stone masonry, pile driving, footings, poured in place walls, concrete flatwork, brick cleaning, and concrete pumping.  Griffin Masonry also has a Raleigh division that offers footings, brick, block and stone masonry, and poured concrete walls.  As our business grows in this market we will continue to expand the services offered.


Griffin Masonry prides itself on providing the highest possible quality of products, customer service and craftsmanship available in the marketplace today. If you require prompt job site delivery or need information regarding our products and services, our highly trained and courteous staff members are here to assist you. At Griffin Masonry, our customers receive the very best we have to offer. Every time.



IN 2020 GRIFFIN MASONRY USED APROXIMATELY 11 MILLION BRICKS! (That's more than enough brick to build the Empire State Building which contains 10 million bricks!)


A large group of colonists settled in an area that was the intersection of two Native American trading paths. This would become what it now the intersection of Trade and Tryon Streets. Over time the population increased and the colonists decided to build a courthouse and name the town. In 1768 the town was named “Charlotte Town” after King George III’s new wife– Queen Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. That is how the city’s name, nickname of “The Queen City”, and the name of its county all originated.


During the Revolutionary war in the 1700’s Britain troops were fighting to take all 13 colonies including North Carolina. During this time, General Cornwallis and his troops were trying to take over the City of Charlotte. The citizens formed a militia and attacked Cornwallis and his troops. The militia was too much for the general and he decided to retreat while calling the city “A Hornet’s Nest of Rebellion”. The Charlotteans proudly took on the nickname of “The Hornet’s Nest”. This is why many of Charlotte’s symbols include a hornet nest, like the Charlotte Police Department on their logo and the shape of their badge and, of course, the basketball team, The Charlotte Hornets.


11301 Blair Road, Charlotte, NC 28227

Tel:  704-545-2722
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Mail: info@griffinmasonry.com

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Water in the Walls: A Practical Guide to Wall Drainage and Flashing Installation

When a discussion begins regarding cavity wall drainage, flashing or adhered veneer drainage, most of the time it begins with the saying, “Masonry leaks.” Well, yes, masonry does leak, but the systems in place to support the building envelope can prevent the water from entering the substrate, living space or surrounding building materials, thereby preventing any saturation that can lead to further problems.

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Source: Masonry Magazine



We are currently seeking Brick Masons. To apply, please complete an online application or download it and drop it off to our office during business hours.


We are currently seeking Brick Laborers. To apply, please complete an online application or download it and drop it off to our office during business hours.